The Mask Ally™ is the Safe and Reusable Mask Holder

the Mask Ally™ Set of 5 Mask Holders.

the Mask Ally™     Set of 5 Mask Holders.

the Mask Ally™ Set of 5 Mask Holders.

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The Mask Ally™ is the safe and Reusable Mask Holder Accessory to Make Mask-Wearing Comfortable for all. Ease Breathing, Extend Mask Life, Prevent Makeup Smudging, Eliminate Foggy Glasses and More!

Have you ever been uncomfortable while wearing a mask? We find wearing masks is very unpleasant. So we set out to find a solution!

Our mask holder is specially designed to elevate the mask from your face, making it more convenient and easier to breathe when you are wearing a facemask. Purchase one now to make mask-wearing more comfortable in all conditions! Your purchase also includes 5 Mask Ally Mask Holders, therefore you can swap them out for cleaning!

Key Features:

✅ 3D Mask Holder Support: Gives you more breathing space underneath the mask and makes breathing much easier when wearing a mask!

✅ Makes Glasses Wearing Comfortable: The enhanced room eliminates the chance that your glasses fog up at all!

✅ Safe & Reusable: Our mask holders are all made from food-grade silicone, therefore are safe, washable and reusable!

✅ Save Your Lipstick: Prevents your facemask from sticking to your lipstick, allowing for no more smudging. Keep your makeup perfect! 

✅ Extend Mask Life: Because your facemask has less contact with your face, our mask holder means you can increase the number of times you use each facemask!

✅ Perfect For Summer: Elevating the mask from your face and increasing airflow reduces the chance of your face getting too hot! 

✅ Keeps your Masks Clean: Our mask holder reduces the contact of your mask with your face, to protect the lining from getting stained!

✅ Best Practice is to swap out the holder every 6~8 hours, wash the used Mask Ally, and leave it to dry for the next use. In the meantime, you can use one of the other four included in the set. 


It Really Works:

"I am a teacher and have to wear a mask all day. I struggle with wearing a mask because I have asthma, and I feel like I can't breathe with the material touching my nose and lips. I ordered these, received them this morning, and immediately ordered another set of 5. They are very soft and pliable. I was worried about the top of the nose because I wear glasses, but they didn't interfere with my glasses at all." - Lynette Cordell

Product Specs:

  • Material: Food Grade Silicone.
  • Colour: Translucent White.
  • Size of each item: 4 x 3.6 x 1.65 in.
  • Weight of each item: 0.42 oz.

Our Package Includes:

  • 5 Pack of the Mask Ally Mask Holder.


How to use it:

Our mask holder can be used in a variety of masks, here is how to use it using a disposable medical mask. It can easily be removed to be used on another mask when you switch your mask out. 


Lifetime Warranty:

Dear Customers,

We are happy to serve you and we guarantee you a zero-risk purchase when shopping with Mask Ally. In case any damage occurs during shipping. Please e-mail us with clear photos, and we will ship a new one to you again. Our contact e-mail is


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